What is the Brownlee Stunner?

When I announced my blog name change on my Facebook account, my friends were wondering why this name. I was mistaken for arrogant among other things. So here’s the story behind the name:

I have always wanted a cheesy but catchy name for my blog. When I started brainstorming ideas to name my blog site. The first idea that came to my head was “The Daily Timmy”. The problem with that name was the fact that I didn’t blog everyday and if I ever got committed readers to my blog it would not be right for them to go on my blog every day expecting something new every day ergo the “Daily” moniker. So, to avoid the accusation of false advertising and general reader disappointment the idea came to me that I should name it the ‘Not So Daily Timmy’. That was the name of my blog for a while.

When I joined the House of Prayer in June of 2007. I met this wonderful cat named Alex May. Alex was the kind of guy who loved giving guys nicknames. He had a ton for me many based on my last name Brownlee. The nicknames ranged from Brownsville Revival in reference to the revival in Pensacola in the 1990s to the now famous Brownlee Stunner in reference to Stone Cold Steve Austin’s finishing move. We decided that if I ever decided to pursue professional wrestling as a career should the whole Intercessory Missionary thing not work out, my finisher would be the Brownlee stunner which would be a wicked reverse twisting neck breaker or something cool like that. I want to cause waves and make people think when I write something. I want to be bold in my writing when it comes to speaking the truth. So the name has a lot to do with desired impact as well as to honor my friend.

My vision for this blog is to have fun when it’s time to have fun and to be serious when it’s time to be serious. I have no desire to be politically correct or to play to the crowd. I want to be kind of guy that calls it as I see it and leave no bones about my position on whatever subject I talk about. This kind of talk leaves no room for debate in my mind and thusly blesses and offends many at the same time. My mouth has made me friends as well as enemies and I’ve been told that it is a very powerful weapon that can be used for great good and great bad.

While I have moved on from being a visual part of the prayer movement, I do support it and wish it the best. However, this is not a ministry tool or a means to promote myself. The opinions expressed on this blog are mine and mine alone.

So, here it is, raw as it can be, the Brownlee Stunner. Enjoy.


One Response to “What is the Brownlee Stunner?”

  1. Nice. Very nice. Brings a manly tear to my eye every time I read it. :’)


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