My name is Tim Brownlee. I am an Intercessory Missionary at the House of Prayer in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. I really enjoy blogging and keeping online journals.  I especially like it when people take the time to read and comment on them. So please feel free to comment and share your thoughts with me. I would like nothing more than to have some blog buddies and have the chance to swap blogs like stories so feel free to add me to your blogroll.

So, in essence… what will you see is alot of devotionals, rants, crazy random questions, updates… and the like…

Have a nice day and God Bless!




 “The glory of the gospel is that when the Church is absolutely different from the world, she invariably attracts it. It is then that the world is made to listen to her message, though it may hate it at first. That is how revival comes. That must also be true of us as individuals. It should not be our ambition to be as much like everybody else as we can, though we happen to be Christian, but rather to be as different from everybody who is not a Christian as we can possibly be. Our ambition should be to be like Christ, the more like Him the better, and the more like Him we become, the more we shall be unlike everybody who is not a Christian”

Dr. Martin Lloyd Jones- Introduction to the Beatitudes

4 Responses to “About”

  1. Tim, I was trying to find your blog…I am interested in keeping up so I finally just blogrolled you so I have the link saved. Then I noticed that you already added me. Thanks!


  2. i need to get your email 🙂 can’t find it. lol


  3. This blog has inspired me to become an Intercessory Missionary myself.


    Ps (“ananias”)!


  4. Greetings from Alaska. My name is Leah and my husband and I (and four of our children) spent 2 summers in Hattiesburg while finishing his master’s degree at USM. We’re a Christian family and attended a few different churches in your area… I was wondering if you know of any blogs from Hattiesburg that have photos of the cool cars there. Do you know the cars I mean? Like the “superman” car, the “cocopuff” car, the chevy caprices and crown vics with huge tires, etc. Our children are always telling people about those cool cars, but while we were there we didn’t think to take pictures of them. Do you know if anyone has a blog of car photos from Hattiesburg? Thanks!
    ~Leah (and family)


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