I am Timothy Brownlee. I am a Teacher, Political pundit, Historian, and a terrible Christian.

There is nothing more that I want in my life than to be a part of a community that wants to be loved by a God that we aren’t even sure exists.

If there is one thing I want in my life, it is something real and genuine. I wish that people would walk out the Christian values that they are so proud of having in their political and religious lives.

Call me a bit of an idealist but I believe the world can truly change when people realize that we are called to love God and one another before anything else. Everything else is secondary.

My main gripe with the church is that we are majoring on the minors and minoring in the majors. Like the Pharisees, we are concerned with outward appearances rather than the greater laws of love and mercy. We are not called to separate ourselves from the world. We are called to change the world through the love of Christ that lives in each of us.

Politically, I call myself a Civil Libertarian. If a person’s lifestyle does not keep me from living my life and making my own choices, then they have every right to live that life. I am called to love.

I am also a Historian. I love writing about History. My favorite things to study are American History, Political History, social justice, and activism.

Look for this blog to be a mixture of everything that I like to talk about.



4 Responses to “About”

  1. Tim, I was trying to find your blog…I am interested in keeping up so I finally just blogrolled you so I have the link saved. Then I noticed that you already added me. Thanks!

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  2. i need to get your email 🙂 can’t find it. lol


  3. This blog has inspired me to become an Intercessory Missionary myself.


    Ps (“ananias”)!


  4. Greetings from Alaska. My name is Leah and my husband and I (and four of our children) spent 2 summers in Hattiesburg while finishing his master’s degree at USM. We’re a Christian family and attended a few different churches in your area… I was wondering if you know of any blogs from Hattiesburg that have photos of the cool cars there. Do you know the cars I mean? Like the “superman” car, the “cocopuff” car, the chevy caprices and crown vics with huge tires, etc. Our children are always telling people about those cool cars, but while we were there we didn’t think to take pictures of them. Do you know if anyone has a blog of car photos from Hattiesburg? Thanks!
    ~Leah (and family)


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