What’s going on… the abridged version

I moved back to Mississippi for two reasons. One reason was for the love of my life, whom I married on May 16, 2015. The other reason was to get my degree. I am halfway to that goal. In December of 2014, I received my Associates Degree from Pearl River Community College. While I started at Jones County Junior College and marched in the Maroon Typhoon as a Bobcat, I finished my junior college days as what we call a River Rat. Love how life can turn things upon their head in such a quick amount of time.

I love life as a married man. I survived to age 18 because I have a mom who is nothing short of epic. How I survived from 18 to 30 without my wife is beyond me. She literally holds me together. I only hope she can say the same for me. We work well together. We are best friends and that hasn’t changed since we got married. We make each other laugh and we keep each other in check.

We also have us a daughter of seven whom I love dearly. I’ve become a step dad, meaning I’ve stepped up to be her dad since she hasn’t had one for all her life. I’m more than happy to be her dad and I am excited about the memories that we are going to make and the memories that I have the opportunity to be a part of. She starts second grade next Monday and we already have a plan to walk to school considering it’s literally a stone’s throw away from the apartment complex we call home.

Speaking of school, I (finally) start Southern Miss in the fall. I missed the spring semester at Southern due to getting married and the summer due to having surgery on my colon. The Crohn’s in my intestines had intensified to the point where I literally had a fistula threatening to explode out of my belly button. Not just a fistula but an abscess on the fistula made it even more painful. Interventional radiology tried to drain it as is but it made a comeback. It came back to the point where the surgeon made the decision to operate. After surgery I was placed on IV antibiotics for three weeks so I had to lug around an infusion pump. Thursday I get the picc line taken out of me and I’ll finally be free of the infernal device.

Back to the subject of school, My dream is to get my History degree and to be a teacher. Ever since the Lord confirmed in me his desire for me to teach and his gifting in me to do so, I wanted to go back to Southern Miss, the site of my past failures, and redeem my time there and get my degree from there like my mom and dad. While I’ll get my degree from Southern Miss, I’ll be attending a different campus as I am living on the coast now with my wife and daughter as opposed to Hattiesburg, which is an hour and a half drive away.

The future is bright for me and my family. There is nothing more than having that perfect partner who is on the same page as you and knows that it’s no longer an “I” thing, it’s now a “we” and an “us” thing. I’m excited to see what the future holds for us and our lovely daughter. I also plan on updating this site on a more consistent basis as my job from now till I graduate will be that of a full time student (thank you BAH and the Post 9/11 GI Bill for making that possible). Drop in from time to time!


~ by timbrownlee on August 4, 2015.

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