What I’ve been doing in class these past 9 weeks….

Death by Powerpoint….

That is the sum of my experience with Army classrooms.

So what does a guy like me do keep from losing my cotton picking mind?

Easy. He writes songs.

This past week especially, I have written a song a day. Sometimes during the reading of the slides I will jot a line or two down. On multiple occasions I have found myself writing lines like a madman afraid they will leave me if I write too slow. Many a time I’ve almost made a scene over getting lyrics just right. There’s nothing more exciting to a musician/songwriter/poet than getting that one line you can scream out of you through the stroke of a pen. I have had those moments in spades this past week and on occasion throughout the whole 9 weeks here.

I plan on sharing my material on here for you guys to enjoy. One day I plan on putting out an indie alt rock album for this.

First song will be posted soon.


~ by timbrownlee on March 19, 2011.

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