In the Army now! HOOAH

You may safely assume that by reading this blog that I have 1. survived Basic Combat Training and 2. graduated Basic Combat Training. It was quite an experience and I’m proud to say it was the best decision I have ever made! Now I don’t  officially graduate until January 13, for all intents and purposes I am done with it. I go back for what they call ‘recovery week’. Recovery week just means waiting in lines and turning crap in. Like reception in reverse (which I can say was hell). The days will go slower than salted slug and will be just as painful until the glorious days of family day and graduation.

I can say I was extremely lucky to be a part of the platoon I was in. We were 5 hundredths of a point from sweeping every single streamer in the whole company! We have honor platoon on lock. It was a blessing to be among such motivated soldiers. I know I wouldn’t have made it without their support. I was a big body weighing 228 lbs and not in good shape at all. It took alot of PT in our bay to knock off those pounds. I now weigh a healthy 208. I’m at my target weight for a guy my size. I ran a 17:44 2 mile and i knocked it down to 16:00! My pushups and situps improve every day. I spend everyday cranking out more and faster!

I have never been in such good shape. I can rock out skinny jeans. I can wear 32 when I used to wear 38 before basic! I’m so pumped and I love to work out!  I’ve a long way to go in the regards to being truly ripped, but man I look good now. It’s a matter of time before I sculpt myself to the standards I want. I just love being paid to work out! It rocks!

Upon Graduation I leave for Fort Lee in Virginia for Advanced Individual Training for my MOS as an Automated Logistical Specialist. I’ll be the equivalent of Sam’s Club. I’ll be over a warehouse that supplies multiple units. I look forward to knowing the system and excelling to the point of promotion. What I really want to do is get my history degree and get a doctorate and eventually become a Chaplain and qualified to be a History professor at a university. So far I’m not ruling out the possibility of going the 20 years, nor am I ruling out the possibility of getting out once I attain my educational goals. It’s all up in the air still, but so far I’m having the time of my life!

God Bless and thank you for your prayers!


~ by timbrownlee on December 25, 2010.

One Response to “In the Army now! HOOAH”

  1. And we are so stinkin’ proud of you!!!


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