Same ol business as usual: The Error of the Tea Party

The Tea Party started out with a good agenda, Audit the Fed, shrink government, reduce taxes, and promote liberty. The Tea Party came out the gate hot, determined to drive out the Washington politics and take control of the government and restore the constitution in America. But, they havent had the success in the polls as one might think. Everywhere you look it seems that politics as usual is still running strong. I have a theory that may diagnose where the Tea Party went wrong.

The message of Liberty, however popular the message is, is hard to sell to a people who have been taught or wired to believe that government exists to regulate them. We have elected officials in every level of government that run on the promises that government will regulate them this way or that way. Their opponents are the same way, they promise an alternate path of regulating the citizenry. The message I keep getting from the Tea Party is the hopes of a Republican Congress this November. But one needs to ask, “What does a Republican Congress solve?” many say that they will repeal the health care bill and maybe bring charges of impeachment against Obama.  But one has to ask at the same time, “What will that really accomplish?” “Is this what I worked all these months for?”

I love the Tea Party’s intentions, they really do want a restoration of the Constitution. Every well meaning conservative does. But let me ask you this, “Is the Republican  party the proper vehicle to carry out that agenda?” The last two Republican presidents scrapped the constitution and waged undeclared war on executive order, raised taxes, and enlarged the government to unprecedented levels. Even conservatives beloved Ronald Reagan is guilty of this. As much as I would love to dismiss the evidence and call Reagan a great president, I cannot ignore the evidence.

In this an article from The Miesis Institute lies a study of every Republican President beginning with and since Herbert Hoover that have ignored the will of the people, scrapped the constitution and laid the ground work toward Statism.

Herbert Hoover

  • Increased federal spending38 percent (current dollars)
  • Passed the Agricultural Marketing Act (welfare for farmers)
  • Passed the Hawley-Smoot Tariff
  • Waged war on drugs (alcohol)
  • Passed the Reconstruction Finance Corporation (pork and corporate welfare)
  • Passed massive tax increases

Dwight Eisenhower

  • Increased federal spending30 percent
  • Created Department of Health, Education, & Welfare (and spending)
  • Put Earl Warren and William Brennan on Supreme Court
  • Helped install Shah Pahlevi in Iran (smart, real smart)
  • Extended Socialism Security to 10 million additional persons
  • Started American involvement in Vietnam
  • Passed federal highway legislation
  • Created NASA
  • Started student loan program (aka, program to raise college tuition so no one can afford it)
  • Kept federal counterfeiting to a minimum, causingyou to lose only 9 cents off your 1952 dollar(Source: The Inflation Calculator)

Richard Nixon

  • Increased federal spending70 percent
  • Created EPA, OSHA, and CPSC
  • Started “affirmative action”
  • Imposed price and wage controls
  • Made your 1968 dollarworth just 78 cents by the timehe left office
  • Proposed minimum national income

Gerald Ford

  • Knocked 8 cents off your dollar in just two years [He didn’t WIN (Whip Inflation Now]
  • Increased federal spendingthroughoutterm
  • Reduced spending on federal prisons by pardoning Nixon
  • Overall, not too bad for a Republican and better than…

Ronald Reagan

  • Increased federal spending53 percent
  • ElevatedVeteran’s Administration
  • Added 250,000 civilian employees
  • Created drug czar’s office
  • Escalated war on drugs
  • “Saved” Social Security by increasing payroll tax
  • Lowered the value of your 1980 dollarto 73 cents

GeorgeHerbert WalkerBush

  • Increased federal spending 12 percent
  • Signed the (litigious) Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Managed to knock 13 cents off the value of your dollar in just four years
  • Just said “Yes” to new taxes

Republican Congress

  • Held your dollar’s loss in value to a mere 11 cents[Newt and the (1995-2000) gang]
  • Increased federal spending and taxes collectedeach year
  • Eviscerated ancient right of Englishmen and Americans–habeas corpus
  • Flunked the acid test of economic sanity–raising the minimum wage (mandatory unemployment law)
  • Passed Freedom to Farm Act (at taxpayers’ expense, that is)

If the Tea Party is a true movment to restore individual liberty and restore the Constitution, the Republican Party is not the way to go. Republicans campaign like Libertarians and govern like Democrats. Republicans in Washington care as little for your freedom as the Democrats. There is no middle ground here. The big agenda isn’t the freedom of the American people, it’s government regulation. They have taken our freedoms from us little by little over the past 80 years and they will continue to take our freedoms until America is completely run by statists whether Republican or Democrat statism.

You will not reform the Republican party from within. The recent primaries should be enough to show the Tea Party that. You cannot reform a system by playing the same system by the same rules set by those who sett it up. There has to be a changing of the rules. The people need to put their foot down and say ENOUGH! I am not some toy to play with. My life and my family are not subject to some political game. As a dear friend of mine once said, “I did not leave the Republican Party, the Republican Party left me”. The Republican Party no longer represents the interests of the people or the ideals of the Constitution. They only represent their own agendas.

The message of the Tea Party should not be that Republicans need to be in charge. If the Tea Party really wants change in Washington they need to send a message that the people control the government not the other way around, and if you won’t fall into that line, then we will replace you. We do not care what party you affiliate yourself with, we will take our country back through our government. We will not be your slaves to be tossed here and there. We refuse to be regulated.

The success of movements like this one is based entirely on devotion to the cause. The Tea Party needs to reevaluate their cause. What are they in it for? A Republican Congress will last 2 years. A Republican President will only last 4 years. Freedom, if maintained by a diligent citizenry, lasts forever. Newt Gingrich had a similar movement that only lasted until Republicans had a majority in Congress then it died. Will the Tea Party be the same?  Not even time will tell.


~ by timbrownlee on August 27, 2010.

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