Trained to Accept Tyranny: The Purpose of Standardized Education

I like most Americans, spent 13 years in the public school system. In all those years I was never introduced to the ideas that I now espouse, like liberty, freedom, individualism, and most importantly, individual thought. I was never taught the meaning and value of the liberty that I was told by my teachers that I had. I had no knowledge of why thngs happened, I was only taught to think that they just did. I was never taught in school that I could be a catalyst for change. I was simply told that I could then taught to accept things as they are.

The really sad part of this whole story is that I graduated out of this system. I have in my possession a piece of paper that states that I was good enough at doing what I was told and had correctly recited enough textbook doctrine over a period of 13 years. I was never taught as an individual, capable of thinking for myself beyond what I was taught in the textbooks I spent my nights reading. I was told that I was an individual but trained as a member of a collective. We were all taught the same material, given the same tests, and critiqued by the same criteria. The best in the class as a result were not necessarily the most intelligent, but were more able to assimilate the material given to the class to learn.

We’re often told about how the best and brightest individuals in history were complete failures in the arena of collective learning. The Edisons and Einsteins of our day were failures in a collective educational environment, but when they were released and trained as individuals according to their talents, they flourished to become men who altered the worls beyond their specific fields of study.

In the federal education system we learn the exploits of Martin Luther King and Mahatma Ghandi, yet we’re taught to stay in line. We love those who changed history but are taught to stay in line. The only questions asked in the public school system are those on the tests. The students aren’t taught to ask questions, they’re taught to simply do as their told. In the public school system we are not celebrated as individuals but rather molded into what the federal government wants us to be.

Has anyone ever wondered why the federal government in all its wisdom allots only one class out of a 13 year compulsory educational life dedicated to the study of the Constitution and government? No one asks because the lack of education on a subject only breeds apathy. The federal government is knowingly sowing the seeds of apathy into the students of America. That apathy leads to less violent power grabs because the people in their apathy and ignorance accept whatever the government says and does without ever asking simply because we as a collective don’t know any better.

Which is the problem with the nation today, we have been trained to accept tyranny. The people have let federal government train and raise our children. We have submitted ourselves to a ‘one size fits all’ system that stunts intellectual growth, passes failure, and creates apathy. Teachers aren’t passionate individuals who seek to promote growth. They have become mere cogs meant to move our children along a 13 year conveyor belt from kindergarten to graduation teaching only what they’re told to teach us. Students don’t go to school eager to learn, they go because the government forces them to go and abandons them as aimless individuals because after graduation there is no collective they have to find another collective to join and thus become part of a system that enslaves a people in ignorance.

Until we as a people take responsibility for our own ignorance and learn to think as individuals, we will always be content with tyranny. The system has to be destroyed. It has enslaved teachers and students alike. The collective mindset in our educational system has to be done away with. It is time for the student to ask the questions and hear more than a textbook answer. Let us not be trained to accept tyranny any longer.

Thank You for reading,
The Stunner
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~ by timbrownlee on August 10, 2010.

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  1. man, you are spot-on!


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