Love and Marriage and the Government

As a Christian and a Libertarian in the same package many have asked me if my stance regarding marriage has changed any since very few believe that the term Christian Libertarian can be logically reconciled. It is obvious that in the last few years this has been an issue that has divided Conservatives and Liberals to the point of there being a clear line in the sand. You’re either for or against. That line in the sand has even reached as far as the State and Federal Governments. Bills in various legislative assemblies from the states to our very own Congress are being considered which would let them define what a proper marriage can be. The homosexuals have their Gay Rights Bill and the Conservatives have the Defense of Marriage Act. Neither side will relent regarding this very sensitive issue and the final word seems to be in the hands of our elected officials.

But a problem lies in looking to the government to decide this issue. Marriage, in it’s purest form is a concept birthed in religion. It is a religious institution in which two persons are united before God and man in matrimony and a (hopefully) lifetime partnership. That being said, our Government is not a religious institution and as a result is unqualified and bound from making any decision regarding marriage. The Constitution is not a religious document, as a matter of fact the First Amendment of the Constitution forbids the Government from making ANY law restricting a person’s right to practice whatever religion he or she wishes to practice. They cannot force a religious institution to marry homosexuals nor can they forbid a religious institution to marry homosexuals. It is clear in the Constitution that the issue of marriage is clearly out the the jurisdiction of Congress or any form of elected official.

Also, there is a dangerous path that Conservatives and Homosexuals are taking with their respective pieces of legislation. Their bills have to be passed by a majority vote in both houses. That being said they are subjecting their rights to a simple majority vote by a handful of individuals. This is a horrifying reality to every American. For why should a government decide anything regarding your individual liberty and right to live your life the way you please? For example, let’s say Congress passes DOMA and it’s signed into law and all of a sudden homosexual marriage is not only taboo, but illegal. Now let’s move a few years down the road and 60% of Congress is gay, they easily have the power to overturn DOMA and pass a law forbidding heterosexual marriage using the same principle and precedent that is found when Congress passed DOMA. So now by this bill you are saying that Congress, a handful of individuals in Washington can affect your every decision even regarding your life and your religion by a simple majority vote! Where does the cycle end?  For now with the scenario provided the “straight” crowd will be the ones having “Straight Pride” parades and protesting outside Captiol Hill demanding their rights. Just like the homosexual crowd is doing now.

As a Christian I do not approve of the homosexual lifestyle. But no law will stop the homosexual from being gay nor will it stop them from demanding their rights. The war for the homosexual will be won where the souls of every lost person is won no matter their sin, in the place of prayer. We as the church need to step up and stop relying on the government to legislate our morality on everyone. We need to stop expecting the government to do what we have been biblically mandated to do. Because the same government that can restrict a homosexual’s right to be gay and marry a partner of his or her choosing can restrict a Christian from owning a Bible and evangelizing to the lost.  Government will not effectively change America, but prayer will.

So I say to every Evangelical Christian and Gay Rights Activist, Stop using the Government as some glorified referee in our war. To the Christians, there is a war going on that is over so much more than a piece of paper that can be rescinded tomorrow! To the Gay Rights Activist you are going about your battle the wrong way. The Government has no right telling the church what to do. They cannot force the Christian Church to marry you and you have no right to ask them to do so. Our elected officials are elected by Christians as well as Homosexuals and their job is to preserve your right to live as you so desire. So I say let the government lay this issue aside and focus on more important issues and leave the two sides alone to fight it out in freedom.


~ by timbrownlee on March 22, 2010.

4 Responses to “Love and Marriage and the Government”

  1. I completely agree. It’s what I always tell my friends and family, “if two dudes want to get married, and if there’s a religion that will do it, let ’em.”


  2. Brother Brownlee, have you researched beyond the bible when marriage arose and when the church got involved? My research indicates that marriage existed a long time before any religion decided to get involved with it.


    • JR,

      I inderstand that and on the same point marriage has been around longer than any government. Based on that fact alone how is it the government’s constitutional right to set moral standards on an institution that has existed far longer than any of them. While I totally disagree with the homosexual lifestyle, it is a grave error for me to allow any governmental institution to restrict one’s rights to live as one chooses. As a Christian I believe that there are eternal consequences to one’s actions and the lot of the homosexual is clear in the bible, it is not the government’s place to make that choice for them.


  3. Very well written, but I have to point out a single glaring flaw. The government already controls whether homosexual individuals can marry. At some point that has to be changed, otherwise the entire piece is null. Since the government recognizes marriages, whether performed in a court office or in a church, homosexual and heterosexual unions should be recognized equally – or not at all. Too bad the government has a hand in personal/sexual relationships at all.


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