The Prime Directive: The Should Be Foreign Policy of the United States

For the last two years I have been an advocate for the Nation of Israel in the church. I have spoken on the subject numerous times to many people on the Biblical basis on the Church’s need to stand for the nation of Israel, to pray for it’s salvation. I’ve written blogs on it and I’ve led the intercession prayer set at the House of Prayer Hattiesburg for the nation of Israel for two whole years.

But on the other hand as of the last year I have become a dedicated Libertarian and as most people are aware of, Libertarians are in favor of a Non-Interventionist foreign policy. We are in favor of getting out of Iraq and Afghanistan with all deliberate speed. We do not believe that it’s the federal government’s responsibility to police the world and play baby sitter to the rest of the world.

Now, one would ask, “Then how can you be for Israel but be in favor of a Non Interventionist foreign policy?” My response is; It’s not the federal government’s responsibility to play baby sitter to the nation of Israel it’s neither Constitutional nor biblical. It’s clear in the Bible that the responsibility of the nation of Israel rests solely on the church. The government’s jurisdiction is clearly over the people who elect them and no further.

The government I see and the kind of government outlined in the Constitution are in my opinion two completely different entities. I believe that things must change if the United States is to survive as a nation. I’m a big Star Trek fan and there’s a principle that Roddenberry added into Starfleet that really outlines my point. The Prime Directive is the cardinal rule of Starfleet. It says that Starfleet must by NO MEANS interfere in the development of worlds with inferior technology.

I sincerely believe that the United States adopt it’s own version of the Prime Directive which favors a non interventionist foreign policy. There are those who will get in my face about the moral obligation that we have in the Middle East to which I will respond, What about the moral obligation that our elected officials have toward those who elect them? I call your bluff on that. What nation who allows the existence of the Federal Reserve and enslaves their people to mountains of debt has any right to declare any morality? What nation who just jumps into someone else’s yard telling them how they are to live has any right to declare any kind of morality?

Israel is the responsibility of the church. The United States is our government’s only MORAL obligation. Time to adopt a Prime Directive United States.


~ by timbrownlee on January 9, 2010.

2 Responses to “The Prime Directive: The Should Be Foreign Policy of the United States”

  1. Good stuff.


  2. I posted a similar treatment of the idea on Campaign for Liberty today. Didn’t google it first, so we both got to same idea…
    Regards, Roe


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