My night at and after the Saints Patriots Game

Tonight with Adam and Paul in Buffalo Wild Wings was epic awesome. Our server was awesome the food was great and the Saints were epic awesome as always. Drew Brees became the only QB to throw 5 touchdown passes against a Bill Bellichick team? This game set the record for most hours of sleep Bill Bellichick will lose tonight because of the nightmarishly awesome offense the New Orleans Saints have!

But that’s not the half of it. On Black Friday I made an effort to go into the mall and brave the crowds to buy a Fleur De Brees shirt in the Hibbet. I was so excited about this shirt and the game. I was ready for the game. We get in B-Dubs and we get our food and I wind up spending 20 dollars there. We celebrate after the win and we go outside and stand beside Adam’s truck which is in the Handicpped spot so we’re right in front of the door and these two girls walk out and they see my shirt. They come up to me and here’s the conversation:

GIRLS: Hey, where did you get that shirt?

ME: Hibbet in the mall.

GIRLS: How much did you pay for that shirt?

ME: 15 dollars.

GIRLS: I’ll give you 20 if you let me have it.

ME: You serious?

GIRLS: I will pull the money out now.

I took the shirt off and took the money. I stood in the parking lot of B-dubs and drove home shirtless but those chicks just paid for my meal… only bad news is i need another shirt.


~ by timbrownlee on November 30, 2009.

3 Responses to “My night at and after the Saints Patriots Game”

  1. I am rendered utterly speechless.


  2. Buffalo Wild Wings is WIN. Here in OKC they have discounted wings on tuesdays.


  3. BTW: My first comment started out as “I’m speechless.”
    I remembered that this is wordpress, and not twitter, so I applied several layers of Twitter DEcompression.
    I’m speechless.
    I’m utterly speechless.
    I am utterly speechless.
    i am left utterly speechless.
    I am rendered utterly speechless.

    Isn’t it awesome when we start to remember how to write English?


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