Why I am a Libertarian.

I have been a Republican for so long. Neo Conservative Bush backing and all that jazz. I didn’t like Obama and I like him even less now. But it wasn’t till maybe about 2003 of years ago that I became so interested in politics. The main issue to me was the issue of abortion. I am staunchly pro life. I will give my life to ending abortion in America. Seeing as how the majority of Republicans are conservative and pro life I decided to latch on to the bandwagon. Being from Mississippi I actively campaigned for Hayley Barbour to be elected Governor. I also have in my possession a letter from G.W. Bush commending me for getting him re-elected in 2004 (which wasn’t hard in my opinion).

So why the sudden switch. One thing I was sick of while Bush was in office was the underhanded tactics that Democrats were playing against Bush. The only thing that seemed to unite that party was their undying hatred for (then) President Bush. Now I see that now the only thing uniting the GOP is their undying hatred for Obama and they’re playing the same political game to get Obama out of office or paint him a traitor to America. To be honest I’m fed up with both parties, just give me the drinks and I’ll just go home.

Democrats and Republicans will sacrifice principle as long as it’s to their advantage. They waste American tax dollars by pouring them into government programs and if the money isn’t there they use the Federal Reserve to create the money. Now I’m not in favor of eliminating government programs like my fellow Libertarians, but I am in favor of restructuring and restrictions placed on government programs to prevent others from cheating the system.

I remain pro life and desire to see Planned Parenthood run into the ground and crashing and burning like the worthless entity that it is. I stand in favor of House Resolution 1207 and to see the Federal Reserve audited and eventually shut down to prevent the inflation and devaluing of my hard earned money.

As far as the life issue is, I’ve noticed that there are Pro Life Democrats and Pro Choice Republicans and there are those on both sides of the fence in the Libertarian Party. It’s the issue of how our money is being handled. My principles are the same and my convictions are the same.

And so now I am a Libertarian.


~ by timbrownlee on October 9, 2009.

6 Responses to “Why I am a Libertarian.”

  1. Your post is well written, very concise, to the point.

    Recently, while reading 1 Timothy 2:1,2, I felt the Holy Spirit bring to mind the assassination attempts on President Obama that have been thwarted. Though I don’t like the guy’s values, I feel that it’s right to pray for him, specifically for his protection from any kind of harm. It seems right.

    When we’re in the losing position, it’s then that we see how… diabolical the most ‘civilized’ human can become. I now see that both parties, when faced with the precipice, pull the same cheap punches.

    Quite interesting.


  2. We’re pretty much identical in political principles and while I understand the switch…why libertarian? Why not, say, independent? Or, why not, say, stay and republican and fight to rid the party of the worms? Everything in your post, I agree with. I just don’t see abandoning the party as the solution. New leadership within the party, in my opinion, is better. Of course I say that almost hypocritically as I don’t fully recognize myself as republican much anymore either lol I usually stick to “conservative” and leave it at that. I guess I’m more of the “fix it, don’t throw it away” mindset. But I get where you’re coming from.


  3. But to tell you the truth Kev, Unless I see some MAJOR changes within the ranks of the Republican Party. When I see some semblance of principle over promotion, I’ll align myself with them again. If I begin to see welfare reform, and Republicans dedicating themselves to defunding ACORN and Planned Parenthood, then i cannot stand with them.

    The craziness in spending has been shown on both sides. They’re playing the same game with a different color button on their jackets.

    Keep in mind that the Republican Party was founded on the issue of JUSTICE. To end slavery. That cause drove them so much that it spelled the end of the Whig party in 1856. Look what happened to the Whig party. No strong leadership, no purpose and extremely divided on the issues that tore America apart.


  4. Again, agreed. And, I hope they change too. I’m just slower on the draw than other conservatives on leaving the party for good. Right now I’m just sitting back waiting to see what they actually do with the next few election cycles. As of now, I’m old enough to run for congress, 8 years under the age requirement for senate so you never know who might show up to smack some heads one day 🙂


  5. Dude… i don’t live in VA so i couldn’t vote for you, but I would definitely help you out should you really lose your mind and run. lol


  6. I definitely understand your logic. Unfortunately, blanket hatred has helped unite parties before and probably always will. I’m registered Republican, but I always vote for who I think has the best interest for America. McCain was the obvious choice for me this year- just look at his past and it’s obvious that he does not put his self-interest above his country. That is much more than you can say for the vast majority of politicians. I think if more people took it upon themselves to get accurate info (like the candidate’s voting records, for instance) instead of believing what the guy in line at Walmart told them and what they see on the news, maybe this election would’ve been different.


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