Thank you Jesus for the Gravatar Widget, Amen

Ok… that was a close one. I had a blogger account and a blog up that said I was moving from wordpress and setting up shop on Blogger… for one simple reason.

As an Intercessory Missionary I need to make money. One of the benefits of having a blog is that it can inspire people you don’t know and yet believe in night and day prayer to give to you. I have had people do that out of nowhere by my blog. But here’s the catch… my paypal link was on one page and even then it was hard as the dickens to find.

I got the code for my paypal button from a fellow IM at the House of Prayer and tried to setup my button on my sidebar on my WordPress site, even some friends tried to help me, but to no avail. So I threw up my hands and got a new blog at Blogger. Now the benefit that it would allow the Form HTML code that my Paypal button was, but the con was that cut and pasting 59 blogs did not appeal to me at all.

So here I was tonight at the House of Prayer logging into my WordPress to begin the long task of copy/pasting my blogs and lo and behold right in front of my face, was a blog about the Gravatar widget. So, while I can’t set up a button on my WordPress blog, I can make my image a link on my sidebar to my PayPal link! So instead of moving my blog (PRAISE THE LORD!), I am putting this particular widget beside my blog as a means for all of those with big hearts for Jesus and and money to give (no matter the amount) to show your support for me and my ministry and there’s no missing it. There is no more trying to find it and coming up fruitless.

So notice the picture to that stunning specimen of man beast to your right; You click that picture, and it will take you straight to the page where you make your donation to me through PayPal. You can’t miss it!

So with all the gratitude I can muster, Thank you WordPress for this amazing widget! You make me money and saved me time! Thank God for you guys!


~ by timbrownlee on July 24, 2009.

2 Responses to “Thank you Jesus for the Gravatar Widget, Amen”

  1. Good job! You might want to put some small [Click here to donate] text on the bottom of your image. Consider saving it as png instead of jpeg to keep the text crisp.

    One word of advice: pour your heart out on what it means to do what you do, and what affect it has on the world (James 5:16).

    I jumped in because I was already sold (and desperate for) night and day prayer. Pray about how God wants the message of His House of Prayer to be conveyed and “sold.”



  2. thanks dude… I will do that!


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