Twitter the newest fad… or is it?

In the past I have heard of twitter and I’ve heard of celebrites and athletes using twitter to update their loyal fans concerning their every move. I had no desire to get one myself figuring I would never have the time to deal with it.

But, one day while talking with my dear friend and supporter Ram Laska (, he told me of twitter. I saw his and decided I would get one figuring I would never use it and would forget about it within a matter of days…. oh how wrong I was. When I found out I can use this on my phone I flipped! I could text twitter with my update when I register my phone! This was a little much for me… but like anything else you have to do to understand, you have to try it first. So, I tried, I got hooked, and now I do it all the time. It’s really simple to use and easy to update. What’s better is that you can post links and pictures.

Now my friend Steven Palomino ( has discovered the wonders of Twitter and now he’s gone crazy! Now it’s like back and forth with a guy I work with! It’s really fun but I don’t recommend that everyone get one of these.

One thing I must warn those who want to receive Twitter updates on their phone. I learned this the hard way. You know those people who aren’t doing Twitter updates all the time and you know the ones who seem to live on Twitter. All social networking sites have them. I recommend you don’t add the ones who never seem to leave or stop to your device updates. Otherwise your phone will be blowing up with new text messages every three seconds. You will have to attend meetings and will not be able to attend your phone and when you finally get back to it you will find your phone jam packed with more twitter updates than you will be able to count or want to deal with. So for the sake of your sanity and for the sake of your phone, exercise with great discretion whom you want to receive device updates from.

As for the use of it in itself, it’s a great tool and it’s a great way to advertise. Even the magazine has one as well. It’s gotten us quite far in business and I recommend it for anybody who would want it for business and personal use. I personally love it!


~ by timbrownlee on June 30, 2009.

4 Responses to “Twitter the newest fad… or is it?”

  1. I’ve discovered the wonderful world of Twitter. No turning back. No turning back.


  2. you should check out tweetdeck and shorten your URLs


  3. Ahh, he linked to my blog…. that means I have to go and update it!! Lord, HELP!!

    Twitter is sweet. Unfortunately, my new carrier does not support texting twitter, which may be a blessings in disguise.


  4. Where would the world be without Twitter? I’ll tell you where. The shy Innocent people would be stuck with the ramblers and without escape. Kudos to you Twitter, you who rescue the shy and bring justice to the Innocent.


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