Who has dared to ask why?

So often I get asked the question “What is the House of Prayer?” It’s a question I’ve answered time and time again. I don’t even have to think about the answer. Often we will be asked questions like Who? What? When? Where? How?… but the most perplexing question of mankind is Why? I can answer a Who? What? When? Where? and even a few How’s. I can tell you Who won the world series every year it was played. I can tell you How it all played out. I can tell you When it was and Who was in it and Where it was. The Why is so shallow because two old dead guys said “let’s see who’s the best”.

When it comes to the Christian life and the House of Prayer it’s a different story. It’s here that What, When, Where, How, and Who really doesn’t matter. Those questions can be answered with ease. What: a 24/7 literal House of Prayer, When: all day, Where: Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Where: Broadway Drive behind Autozone, How: through communion with God and the Holy Spirit through prayer. But, that one question avoids me….. WHY!? Why am I here? Why do I do what I do? Why me? Why now?

When I read the Bible I find the same question lurking. Why is this here in this place? One thing I have learned recently is that the essence of religion is an emphasis on the What, Who, When, Where, and How with a total ignorance of the WHY. The Pharisees were experts on the Whats and Hows of the law but they never asked the question why. They searched the scriptures thinking they had eternal life. (John 5:39) They knew the Law and the Prophets inside and out. But, they never asked the question why? They had let a book become their God. They did all the cleaning of dishes and cups without knowing the God who told their ancestors to do so. They drew near with their lips but their hearts were far from him. Their worship had become tradition. They could do it in their sleep. They had their whats and whos and everything else down but they missed the most important thing… WHY!

David was a man who asked why. In Psalm 119 there are 176 verses that explain David’s love for God’s law and his statutes. Psalm 119:97 says “How I love your law! It is my meditation all the day.” We love to read the Psalms and we admire David’s love for God and his law. We tend to forget that all David had was the Old Testament. Even better, all he had was the Torah. Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy. That’s it! I promise you he wasn’t just reading about Creation and Baby Moses to say such things. He loved the LAW! Why did he love the law? Because he found God in the law. He could find God in every single ordinance that God gave the children of Israel in the wilderness. I can bet you he didn’t just read it and say ‘ugh’ and move on. His heart was so desparate for God and he desired to know God that he was going to keep digging and asking why. His heart desired the truth and he would not have been satisfied with anything less.

 So, I want to ask my readers this; Have you dared to ask why? Not only that but have you dug beyond the surface. Have you dared to have your heart motive before the Lord? There are those who will read this and be so confused and say they know why and move on. But, there will be those one or two that will pause and read this through and something will tug at their hearts. They will be the ones to ask themselves; Why am I doing this? Why am I on the earth at this time? Why am I living the way I am? Why am I content with so little? It’s those whose hearts that God seeks. Because the Lord loves truth seekers. Truth seekers find it and are not content with anything less. So if you are reading this I want to challenge you…. dare to ask yourself…. Why?


~ by timbrownlee on January 30, 2008.

2 Responses to “Who has dared to ask why?”

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  2. I don’t know why they don’t find out the person’s name before they ping…. This has happened to me on more than one occasion…. Does anybody have an idea why this is?


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