the horrible beggars of hattiesburg

You know in Hattiesburg we get the worst beggars. They are horrible liars and they don’t even look the part. Our House of Prayer is like near the downtown area of H’Burg so we get alot of people coming and asking us for money for all sorts of things. We try to offer them food but they “don’t want that”. It’s kinda obvious what they want and it’s not something to eat or anything like that. If it were that I would be more than happy to help.. just as long as it’s not money.

So, speaking of that me and my buddy Sir Bradley were walking out of CiCi’s Pizza and we see this guy asking us for money saying he was homeless and needing something to eat. The problem was… where was the dollar menu if he was so desparate and not to mention he smelled fantastic…. The minute I caught the whiff of that amazing cologne he was wearing I dropped a big “No, I ain’t got nothin”

I mean I have no problem with hard times and all. But at least smell like it! Come on people. If you’re desparate at least look like it. I mean I think the guy should go to Chicago or New Orleans for at least a week. At least they look disheveled!


~ by timbrownlee on January 24, 2008.

2 Responses to “the horrible beggars of hattiesburg”

  1. haha! good times.


  2. indeed… i don’t think i have smelled such good cologne on a rich guy… 😛


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