random randomness

Ok.. you know that part on “Lion King” where Timon and Pumbaa take Simba to that log where they pull out the bugs. Timon grabs one and says “tastes like chicken” One question comes to my mind… How would a merekat know what chicken tastes like?

Why do people drive in the parkway and park in the driveway?

How do you know when your pen runs out of invisible ink?

Why is it when you’re at a baseball game they make you sing “Take me out to the ballgame”?.. .come on.. you’re already there!

 It snowed for the first time in years here in Mississippi of all places… It’s very rare that we see snow…. and when we do see it we’re kids again… all we want to do is peg each other with snowballs…

My friends, fellow intercessory missionaries Alex May and Tiffany Gates got married today… loved the wedding… and i cried… i always cry at weddings

I shaved for the first time in like 2 months for the wedding and i was like hacking at my face with a machete… except it was with a Gilette Fusion and inching off the redwood forest growing on my face… i will NEVER do that again… better no facial hair than to go through that

EVERYBODY is coming down with the sickness that felled me earlier this week… see “Sickness and Sympathy” for more info.

I think Nathan Panke and Dave Campbell need to lead worship at Onething 2008. I always enjoy their sets.

I’m reading Israel, the Church, and the Last Days by Keith Intrater and Dan Juster. It’s a very good and informative book that I recommend to all, not just those who have a heart for Israel.

How come when a kid is little their parents only warn them like too little too late… like when they bump their heads their parents are faithful with that half second too late “careful!”… Comedians really add to my already cluttered brain…. it’s kind of like those sleep aids that warn you “May cause drowsiness”…… and WE are supposed to be the culmination of creation… God DOES have a sense of humor!… THANK YOU JESUS LIFE MAKES SENSE AGAIN!


~ by timbrownlee on January 20, 2008.

6 Responses to “random randomness”

  1. Have you read “Revelation: The Passover Key” yet? Tis an amazingly good book. I would also suggest “As Storm Clouds Gather” by Jim Maher. Plus, Dave Sliker’s “End Times Simplified” is a good basic for eschatology. Dunno if you knew about these or not, but thought you might like to.


  2. I’ve read End Times Simplified… and I bought As Storm Clouds Gather at OneThing too… Who wrote The passover key?


  3. Passover Key is Dan Juster… I’m pretty sure.


  4. i’ll check it out… thanks for the recomendation…


  5. You know you run out of invisible ink when your invisible pen pal stops replying.


  6. ok… that’s one..


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