Sickness and Sympathy

Well… the last few days… to be exact…. have been not so good for me. Not so good for me or the House of Prayer to be exact. About 60% of us have come down with this ugly stomach virus. For the sake of the mental health of my readers I will exclude the gory details of this particular sickness. Needless to say it did not feel good at all. Not by a long shot. My only hope was to keep my fluids up, not eat anything solid and pray that it would pass quickly.

Mine started Monday while I was at work. It was slow as Christmas and time was the same. My stomach started acting up right about 6ish and steadily got worse from then on. I couldn’t finish my shift. I had to give my friend ten dollars to finish out my shift for me. Home was a good place to be at the time but I wish my roommate didn’t have to hear everything. It continued Tuesday and I laid in agony on the couch for most of the day. My roommate came in that afternoon with the same crap I had and he told me that most of the House of Prayer came down with this crap. So we agonized together Wednesday.

I came back today (Thursday) to sit in on a prayer meeting and have a light day since coming back. I found out this morning that David Maas, a friend of ours at the House of Prayer, had died the night before. It was rather sudden. His family often came down and is wife Joy taught prophetic dance to our girls. I only knew David by reputation and one short conversation. Their kids… I loved their kids. I only had the chance to really talk to Desiree and Jonathan but I had oodles of respect for that family and personally admired their commitment to Jesus and their desire to know him.

But to say that I feel for them is one thing. I have been down the road that their family is sadly having to walk down now. I lost my sister tragically in a car accident on Christmas Day 2004. It was so sudden. My prayers go out to the Maas family my sympathy in reality cannot make them feel any better about their loss. I feel for them in this.

The only relief I know of is the fact that the Holy Spirit is also known as the comforter. They may have lost a husband and a father but they can take comfort in the fact that he’s with his Heavenly Father and Bridegroom. David Maas… I may have never really known you on earth.. but I know I’ll be seeing you again.

So if any of the Maas’ or any of their friends read this… know this… my heart goes out to you guys…


~ by timbrownlee on January 18, 2008.

One Response to “Sickness and Sympathy”

  1. I am David Maas, doing a google search on my name. The irony…can’t wait to meet my Lord and Saviour either. Sorry for your loss of the David Maas in your land. I actually know another one personally, didn’t think they made anymore of us.


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