Onething 2007

Onething 2007 was my first opportunity to be in Kansas City and see what this House of Prayer thing was all about. My mind was blown away. The first thing I experienced was my favorite, The Prayer Room. I walked in and saw Merchant Band leading worship. I always enjoy Merchant Band online when I see them. But to be in the prayer room and see them real on stage took my breath away. I was astonished to see that there were real people in the Prayer Room and this wasn’t just a good thing. These guys put their lives into this. I walked right by Corey Russell and Allen Hood and I saw Corey’s Bible open to the Psalms. That thing had so many notes in it that I couldn’t make out the original text. But keep in mind I was walking by so yeah… There was a time to pray for healing and I walked over to a girl to pray for her and Allen came and started praying for her. That man’s prayer struck my heart and I was inspired to pray even more than I do now. I was seeing in person guys who really believed in this and put their whole being into it. I have this fire for intercession and intimacy with the Lord burning in me and I want to keep that.

 Another great thing about the conference was the seminars. I went to the two seminars on Israel on Saturday that Steven Beauchamp and Ryan Meegan taught and Sunday I went to the Prophetic Messengers that Shelly Hundley and Nazarite Consecration that Jesse Engle taught. The Israel seminars put in me a burning in my heart to pray for Israel. I do believe God wants me to be an End Times messenger to the church concerning Israel. Shelly Hundley taught me Sunday the importance of hearing from the Lord and the importance of living the Sermon on the Mount fasted lifestyle especially in this day and age. Jesse Engle really hit on the fasted lifestyle and the practicality of the calling of a Nazarite that Numbers 6 describes.

 I did not attend much of the conference because most of the time I was watching our booth. (I want to put pictures up but I have to modify them so WordPress will accept them.) What I did see of the conference I loved. I loved Luke Wood’s worship time. I immensely enjoyed it. He sang a chorus that stole my heart. “Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I have no doubt You’ve already gone ahead. My fire by night my cloud by day”

The Call was another time of sobering and utter shock for me. I knew that God hated abortion and the shedding of innocent blood. But I didn’t realize how serious he was about it until I heard Lou Engle preach on the Doctrine of Shedding of Innocent Blood. We as a nation have aborted 50 million babies and like Abel their blood cries out to God from the ground for justice and vengence. We only had 20,000 at the Call. I assure you that their cries far overshadowed our own. The cry for vengence is far louder than the cry for mercy. But the good news is that we can plead a blood greater than that of Abel and 50 million babies, the blood of Jesus. Jesus’ Blood is this nation’s only hope if we are to avert judgement in the coming months.

I felt this conference watered the seeds of intercession in my heart. I felt the immature sprouts of it grow on the way back to Hattiesburg. We were listening to an amazing song by Corey Asbury called Save Us and all of a sudden I felt the Lord put my brother on my heart. I asked everybody in our van (11 of us) to pray and agree with me. Then after that we took off in a 2 hour prayer meeting that exploded in our van all the way back to Hattiesburg from Jackson. The presence of the Lord followed us all the way to Hattiesburg and by the time we got back we were spent and ready to go to bed but a euphoria was on all our faces. I was so astounded by what the Lord put in all of this at Onething.

Now that I am back, I want to take this fire in my heart that the Lord has put there and augment it all the more. My new year’s resolution is to keep the Global Bridegroom Fast for the whole year. I may fail, but I will pick myself up, repent and move on. I do want to fast and seek the knowledge of God in a more determined and diligent manner this year. I want to grow in the areas of meekness, prayer, and fasting. I want to see the character of Christ formed in me daily.


~ by timbrownlee on January 7, 2008.

9 Responses to “Onething 2007”

  1. Hey, I was wondering where you were. Great to hear what’s going on.


  2. yeah…i haven’t had much to write on in the last few days. I assure you that will change in the next few days…


  3. That’s cool that you were at OneThing… I saw the IHOP-Hattiesburg booth when I passed it (all eight times) and thought about your blog. Anyway, glad you liked what you heard of the conference.


  4. dude I was there… you should have asked someone.. lol… but anyways…


  5. I’ll remember that for the next OneThing-KC… then you can see just how socially akward I really am.

    Go NightWatch!


  6. 1 thing 2007 was my first time as well. Brought some youth down from SD. I attended most of the conf but I wished I would have spent more time in the prayer room. I’ve been in several prayer rooms in the past but nothing compared to this. The spirit of the Lord was so thick. You had to be comptose to not sense the presence of the Lord.
    I had a great time there!


  7. I wondered if you were there. My husband was running the jib arm by the stage, so I would often come and hang out with him while he worked. I didn’t wander around much, so I missed your booth. Hope you all are over that nasty stomach bug by now.


  8. now the only question is how could you miss our booth… we were right there with everybody else.. 😛


  9. OneThing is coming to Orlando, FL and I’m so excited! My friend went to OneThing and his life has been changed – RADICALLY! I can’t wait to go and experience God to the fullest as well. Yay!


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