Success… and the one…

So.. we tried out our new drumcage today during worship. Now we can almost cancel out the drums entirely!!! Before the knobs for the drums on the sound board were laughable. Now the knobs can cut it all out except for a little bit of the kick!

 This week we are back to normalcy at the House of Prayer. The Abortion set tonight will be the first prayer set since last Sunday. We will be interceding in a much improved prayer room. Not just the new and improved drumcage, but we have painted Luke 18:7 and Matt 9:38 on the walls as well as a big THE PRAYER ROOM over a bunch of new banners we have put up as well. We also put carpet blocks at strategic places in the prayer room. They are amazing sound dampeners. The echo that was in here so much before is all but gone!

I am making very big decisions in my life now. I am convinced he has brought ‘the one’ to me. I couldn’t be happier. I feel the Lord speaking to me concerning her. So it’s looking like sometime next year I will be a married man. That makes me nervous. She is definitely moving to Mississippi to join me in my work here. Now we have to move her down to Mississippi and get her established in the life here and in the House of Prayer here in Hattiesburg. Whether she likes it or not she will be singing and leading sets here at the House of Prayer.

She is the most amazing girl I have ever known. I know the Lord has made her just for me. I love her more than the English language has words for. I am so happy to know that I am to be with her. I cannot wait to have her down here and eventually married to me.


~ by timbrownlee on December 9, 2007.

10 Responses to “Success… and the one…”

  1. Aaawwe. That’s so sweet. Congrats! “Whether she likes it or not…” probably isn’t going to work in the long haul.


  2. um…about her AND the new redesign of the prayer room:

    “pictures?” 🙂 lol


  3. they’re coming… and grace, she says she can’t sing… i tell her she can… it’s not as chauvinistic as it looks like 😛


  4. Oh, that’s funny. My husband is a great musician and singer (he plays keyboard, guitar, bass, some drums…) and he tells me I’m a pretty good alto but I gave up on singing years ago. I have other gifts and I’m perfectly okay with that.

    Maybe it’s not that she can’t sing so much as she doesn’t feel comfortable with it.


  5. she doesn’t… but our numbers are so few and support is even less… we ALL have to do things that we aren’t necessarily comfortable doing…

    I’m a decent musician and Alena by her own admission has NO musical talent… but I’m committed to raising that up in her… she will learn to play at least ONE instrument.. or at least I hope so..


  6. Well, I hope she wants to learn an instrument because if she doesn’t then you are on a fool’s errand. I dated a guy who wanted me to learn to sing…he had this fantasy that his wife would sing to him. I told him he should find someone who sings already. The thing is, if God gave me gifts of writing and prophecy, etc why would I spend my time trying to learn to sing and play. The Word says there are many different members in teh body of Christ.

    If the hand tries to be a foot, it could probably do some things the foot does. But it will never be as good of a foot as the foot. And the foot could never be as good of a hand as the hand can be.

    When I met the man I married one of the things I appreciate about him is his goal to help me be who God created me to be…nothing more, nothing less. He has been supportive my writing. He has given me opportunties to teach. He prays for me and with me.

    As Christians one of the best things we can do is fulfill our God given purpose and be who God created us to be. Nothing more, nothing less.


  7. I know that but it will be fun… Her gifting is (you’re really going to like this) Intercession. I am not about to try to mold my wife into what I want her to be. Ain’t no way I even want to attempt that I will fail miserably.

    Besides I’m in love with her anyway. I wouldn’t change a thing about it. Not for a second. I want to encourage her in everything she is called to do and be.

    You are awesome Grace. Has anyone ever told you that?


  8. Mostly just my husband. 😀 LOL.


  9. now you can add me to the list.. 😀


  10. Hey, I just found your blog. Congrats on being paired up by the Lord, and double congrats on being a forerunner, and helping establish a house of prayer in your city! I’m still praying for a house of prayer here in Oklahoma City 🙂


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