Building a House of Prayer…. literally

We at House of Prayer Hattiesburg Missions Base decided this week to suspend all of our prayer sets and run them all from a live feed from Kansas City. We have a butt load of projects to do this week. I’m scoring concrete and running a jackhammer so we can install showers in our House of Prayer. We are painting verses on our walls in our prayer room and adding a kitchen. We are literally building a House of Prayer here. We are adjusting lighting and painting doors. We are also adding washers and dryers too.

We are doing all of this to have a House of Prayer that runs efficiently and smoothly. Now I can take a shower before I go to work straight from the House of Prayer. In case you are wondering we are having separate showers for the boys and girls. It’s crazy to see just how much is going on here. I wish all of those people who say that we don’t do any ‘real work’ would see us now. It’s that crazy around here.

We are building a brand new drumcage as well. Hopefully we can mic the drums right so they aren’t as overbearing as they were before. Now I can tell Jonathan to “get in your cage”. All I think they need is a sign on it that says “DON’T FEED THE DRUMMER and it will be complete.

We are also making one of the rooms in the back a Intercessory Missionary storage area. Only the Missionaries have a key to the room. Now we can have our personal belongings there without worrying if anyone is going to steal it. I’m thinking about purchasing a mini fridge to keep lunches in there and other things like that. It would be a good investment now that I think about it.

To put it short. This House of Prayer has become nothing short of a madhouse this week. I’m so sore. But, the bright side is that they’re letting me play with power tools and a jackhammer which I think is totally sweet. I can’t wait until this is all done so we can get back to normal Intercessory Missionary life next week.


~ by timbrownlee on December 5, 2007.

4 Responses to “Building a House of Prayer…. literally”

  1. Exciting times. I love IHOP here in KC. So ever grateful for a place I can worship freely.
    We used to live in Jackson. I miss the beauty, but not the heat. 🙂


  2. the heat is unbearable to me… i want someplace cooler.. 😛


  3. That’s cool that you guys are using the webstream like that… I run sound for a team on the NightWatch here in KC, and sometimes its really easy to feel like it’s just the 500 or so staff members and like we aren’t actually touching the world… not so much anymore with GodTV and the Webcast in full swing… Anyway, wisdom and revelation to you from IHOP-KC!



  4. no kidding… you guys are awesome… feel free to contact me sometime.. I like friends!.. 😛


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