Experiencing the Beatitudes Part 5

Today I decided to sing instead of just prayer leading on the set. It woke me up to say the least. Tiffany, as ususal, led worship beautifully. Our focus this set was Blessed are the Pure in Heart; for they shall see God. Matthew 5:8. We focused the early part of it meditating on what exactly the pure in heart are. The pure in heart are those who don’t lift their souls to what is false and who do not swear decietfully as Psalm 24:3-4 says. The pure in heart can also be described in Psalm 27:4 in One Thing I have desired and that I will seek that I may dwell in the House of the Lord all the days of my life, to gaze upon his beauty, and to inquire in his temple. We dug deeper and we saw that the pure in heart will see God because that’s all they desire. There is no other goal, motive, or ambition to distract them. They are pure in their motives and thoughts. The Pure in Heart desire truth. The Pure desire purity. All mixture and pollutants and taint is abhorred. Anything other than seeing God is not tolerable to the Pure in Heart. With the pure God shows himself pure.

I find that I have such a carnal view of God. I have a God that’s like… me and that version of God is so unlike God that it’s sickening. I find that a veil lies over my heart with which I see God in this life. This veil is my flesh. My flesh is what I see. My flesh is my God. So God is everything I like and enjoy. The pure in Heart has this veil of flesh removed. The Pure in Heart desire the truth of who God truly is. The Pure in Heart hold such a different view of God than the secular world. I want the truth. Psalm 18:26 says that God shows himself pure to those who are pure. Pure… God is pure. He is nothing else. Only those without the veil of flesh to blind them can see this pure God.

We spent the second part of the set realizing that no man can accomplish inner purity by himself. Jesus blood is the only way a man is to be pure in heart. Only by his blood can we stand before God. Only by his mercy can we enter his house. I for one am sin soaked and impure inside. I am so dirty with my own dreams and ambitions. I need a savior. It’s impossible to be called a child of God and not stand before him. I want to stand before him all of my days. I want to walk blameless before him all the days of my life. Burning in the heart of my deepest desire, should be to see God and live before him. His blood has removed the flesh for me. Now, I must die to see him. I must die to myself daily.

 Gold and Silver have to be purified in a furnace. It’s hot to say the least. We are purified in a figuratively similar way. His words are pure, like silver purified seven times says Psalm 12:6. Silver is burned, melted and dripped and liquified to purify it. We must undergo this on a daily basis. God’s tools? His word and His Blood. When I say his word, I don’t just mean the Bible. The Bible is one way he can speak. But he does also speak to the heart. To those who have the Holy Spirit living in them, the Spirit speaks to each of us. The Spirit speaks to us on a daily basis. God speaks to us even when we don’t have our Bibles open, but, that requires us to listen with our Spirit and our hearts. We need discernment too. To know what is of the Lord and what isn’t.

 Lord, I’m such a sinner. I am so in need of your grace and your love. You have purified me and you are purifying me on a daily basis. I deserve hell but you give me heaven. Thank you Jesus, for it’s only by your mercy that I can enter your house and stand before the Father. Thank you for the cross. Lord I commit to listening and obeying your voice everyday. Thank you Jesus for everything. Amen.


~ by timbrownlee on November 18, 2007.

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