Whether I live or die…. God wins…

Sunday, Dennis delivered an awesome sermon. One of the things he told us it really isn’t about us. He has prayed time and time again that if God would provide money, musicians, and such to the House of Prayer then he would make his name known. God stopped him mid prayer and asked him about who’s name was he committed to making famous? The House of Prayer or his? He pointed out to us time and time again instances in the Bible where he did things for the sole purpose of letting people know that HE IS GOD.

 With that in mind, is there any other purpose to life anyways? Whether I live or die would it make the name of the Lord famous? If that’s what it takes then God do it! I don’t care if it makes me look bad. Let me be like Abraham and lay my Issac on the altar. It really doesn’t matter about the promises you gave me.

So many times I find myself bargaining with God, saying “God if you do this I will give you all the Glory!” and you find that is just filled with evil motives. We all tend to ask God if you will do this or that then I’ll give you all the glory. Instead we should cry “Whatever it takes GLORIFY YOUR NAME!” Jesus was like 13 hours from undergoing the worst kind of death but he says, Glorify your son that he may glorify you. In essense he was saying “Lord, go ahead and kill me.” How many of us would have the guts to pray something like that? We want our big ministries, families, and go throughout the land winning all the heathen. We want our jobs and our lives. What if what God has for you requires your life? What if it doesn’t would you still lay down your life for the sake of being called a disciple of Christ?

We love to say we would do anything for Christ, but so did the scribe in Matthew 8 then Jesus exposed the motives in his heart. He tells that guy, I ain’t got anywhere to stay. A disciple comes to him and says “Let me go bury my father” Jesus replies, Let the dead bury their own dead, you follow me.

We all have our own agendas before we decide to go wholehearted after God and God says, “Either now or never” As for me I’m sick of bargaining with God. I don’t care if I never see any of my dreams come to pass. I want him. I want to be his disciple and I’m willing to leave all. I want to have a vision of wholehearted love and devotion to him. No matter if my name is not known my purpose in this life is the Glory of God.

In today’s humanistic mindset where “the end of all being is the happiness of man”, we tend to forget that in our well meaning intentions to improve on the lives of our fellow man, we sell out God without realizing it. Art Katz says it like this, “The good thing will keep you from the perfect.” A bleeding heart will only serve to appease his conscience. A Christian should go two miles when he’s only asked of one. A Christian should allow himself to be cheated and rejoice at the thought that he was counted worthy to suffer. Acts 5:41 was a very confusing verse for me when I first got saved. They rejoiced that they were counted worthy to suffer shame for his name. Looking at the church today, we have a bunch of pansies. Christians complain more than the world when their rights are violated. We need to realize that the world hates Christians; they hate Jesus. They hate everything about this faith, and everything it promotes, and everything it stands for.

And our response, we just water down the glory of the gospel to something we think the world woudl like. A bunch of nice guys going out and helping the poor. Charities of the world do this. Sometimes I look at this “emerging” church mindset and wonder what’s the difference? Helping the poor is great and good but what about righteousness, holiness, prayer, and fasting? Nothing about a love relationship with God anywhere at all. All of it is horizontal and no vertical. We assume that’s what God wants us to do and we just do it and not ask him at all. It’s almost like he’s not even there at all.

That’s nothing like the Jesus of the Bible. He just came to these guys and said “Follow Me”. No second chance would have been given. We would have asked him “what about the poor, and sick and all?” Jesus did not come on the earth to start a charity. He came to begin the makings of a pure and spotless bride that’s consumed with love for Jesus. A Bride that will only do that which she sees the father doing. A Bride under authority. Lord knows I want to trust him that I would know that he sees a much bigger picture than I do. My dreams, my passions, and my ministry, none of it matters. If I die, The name of the Lord be Praised.


~ by timbrownlee on October 25, 2007.

One Response to “Whether I live or die…. God wins…”

  1. Again, very well said…you have a beautiful way of saying things!


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