The Letter To Garcia….

One of my biggest struggles is that if it’s not easy, I give up. I’ve had this paradigm in me that “If it don’t come easy, then let it go.” LORD forgive me of this! I repent! The light came on yesterday in the staff meeting when Bret (our assisstant director) gave us this sheet called “A letter to Garcia”. It’s about this time when America was at war with Spain and President McKinley needed to contact the Cuban resistance movement in Cuba for the sake of cooperation. The leader of the movement was a guy named Garcia. McKinley needed his cooperation and fast. How to get in touch with this guy was the problem because no one knew where he was. Then one of his guys told him “There’s a guy named Rowan who will find Garcia for you.” So Rowan was contacted and given a note for Garcia and he was given his orders. He set off the coast of America with the letter strapped over his heart in a rowboat. He landed in Cuba and proceeded to walk through the jungle of Cuba and when he came out on the other side of the jungle the letter had been delivered. How he did it and the things he went through were not mentioned on the slip of paper I had but the fact was mentioned that he just got the job done.

That was a very sobering moment for me. How many times have I been given a job or an assignment and I’ve complained about the difficulty of the task or something that was wrong? Why couldn’t I have just muscled my way through it and just got it done? I shortcut everything. One of the things I’ve come to realize that the thing you appreciate most is that which you have to struggle to attain. Totally against everything I have told myself over the years. That goes a long way to explain why my co-workers are often short with me at times when I get distracted. I’ve been accused of some shoddy work. That’s the last time I want to be accused of that. I have a new outlook on the things I have to do here at the House of Prayer. I want to be the one to take the letter to Garcia. Not that sometimes I would have to ask for help but I don’t want to complain about my situation. I find how much time I waste complaining about what I can’t do or what’s wrong instead of just finding a way to do the job and getting it done.

 This is something I will never forget. People saved and unsaved want people like this. Christians tend to demand their rights and complain more than those who aren’t saved but just get the job done. I want to take a crap on that mindset and do something I rarely seen done. I want to wreak havoc on the traditional mold of “traditional Christians and traditional Chrisitanity”. I want to be more than just a joe blow Christian. I want to be the best Christian ever. By the grace of God I will overcome this about myself. I will be the one to deliver the letter to Garcia everyday.


~ by timbrownlee on October 4, 2007.

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