Faith, Grace, Works, and the law

Last night I was reading my Bible and I was reading Romans 5-8 and it really stood out to me. It really helped me define a concrete definition of faith. I was really wanting a revelation of faith. I wanted to know what was the kind of faith that altered lives, beliefs, and actions. Hebrews 11:1 says that Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of the unseen. A farmer plows his field in faith that rain will come. His actions say “I know rain is coming, I know rain is coming”. He does not see it, he has not heard anyone say that it is coming but he is preparing his field in anticipation of the rain he knows is coming. I live my life not seeing but knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that God will provide my living and I have seen him do it time and time again. But the ability to explain faith to someone who does not relate to my situation. James 2:17 says that Faith without works is dead. But faith without beliefs is not faith at all in the least bit. Faith without revelation is not really faith in itself. Why do I fast during the Global Bridegroom Fast? I fast to postition myself to recieve more of Jesus. I mourn for his return. I fast in faith of blessing and revelation from God. I have faith because the Lord told me so. I may not get anything from this. But I do this because I know I will benefit from fasting. I fast believing by faith that I will be rewarded for embracing voluntary weakness in order for the Lord to impart more of him to me. I have the courage to face the storm and prepare my field and take on a bit of suffering in order for God’s rain to fall on my heart and birth revelation in me.

So what is faith? Faith is a demonstration of everything you believe in, the revelation you recieve. You act according to what you know. I know the meek will inherit the earth. I believe the meek will inherit the earth, so I try to act in meekness in faith that I will recieve my reward by one day inheriting the earth in the age to come. My works are a much better demonstration of faith than just merely saying I believe. My beliefs and my works and my revelation made such a trinity of faith. My salvation is by grace through faith. God’s grace enables me to walk out my faith and my faith enables me to have the grace to walk in all God has for me. Grace and faith are inseparable.

Most people talk about grace being forgiveness. Most people use this easy grace lifestyle saying it’s by grace and not works. But, according to Paul, God’s grace keeps us from sinning. Grace is the ability to do anything worthwhile for the kingdom. Though he says though where sin abounds grace abounded much more. But, it also says that “Shall we sin, so that grace may abound? God forbid.(Romans 6:1) For you have died to sin when you were crucified with Christ (Galatians 2:20) so how can you live any longer in sin? Where God’s grace forgave you of your sins, that same grace is that which keeps you from sin. No man can be perfect but by the blood of Jesus, and by his grace, you can be called a child of God.

Jesus did indeed fulfill the ceremonial law and the prophetic law for being the sacrifice for all our sins and restoring the first commandment to first place. But he also came to establish the moral law, such as the Ten Commandments and the commandments of the prophets. He rather established their true purpose and the spirit of the law. The Pharisees knew the legal aspects of the law, but they ignored the greater parts of the law by oppressing the ones they taught. He taught to love God first and our neighbor second because love does no wrong to another. We cannot walk out the true commandment of the law legal or spiritual without the grace to do so. So Faith, Grace, Works, and the law cannot do without each other. They aren’t complete without each other. Take one away, and you throw them all off their intended meanings. Take the law away and you have easy grace teachings and compromise, take grace away and you have legalism, take works away and you have a lazy christianity that says that God’s going to do it anyway, and if you take away faith, you have nothing.

I know I sound like a broken record but I really wanted to share this with you guys and this one is DEFINITELY subject to revision in the near future.


~ by timbrownlee on October 1, 2007.

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