Experiencing the Beatitudes Part 1

I lead a worship with the word on Saturdays from 9-11. I don’t worship lead, I’m the prayer leader. The theme for us for a while will be the beatitudes. I have been studying the Beatitudes for months upon months. It was about six months ago when I started this study and I suggested it to my team and they were eager to do this. So I want to journal my experiences in the prayer room with the Beatitudes. So this is Part 1 of a blog series I’m entitling “Experiencing the Beatitudes” So… here’s Part 1.


 Blessed are the Poor in Spirit; for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Blessed are those who mourn; for they shall be comforted. Matthew 5:3-4

We started off the set with some good worship. I can’t remember what was played but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I had my treasured copy of John Stott’s Commentary on the Sermon on the Mount, my personal write in journal, and my notes on the Sermon on the Mount from the past 3 months (I lost my previous three months notes) in a small spirial bound notebook. My team, which consists only of a worship leader and one singer, was really excited about the set before we started from me reading my notes. I was really looking forward to truly dissecting these verses. Our sets are always two hours long (which is good because we are ususlly tuckered out at the end).

But anyways, back to the set. Tiffany sang the first verse. I said it. We focused on the fact that we ourselves are the poor ones. We are totally depraved if it wasn’t for God. I took the opportunity to pull points I wanted us to focus on from my notes. I also pulled from the Old Testament and the experiences of the apostles to help elaborate on those such as Psalm 51:17 that the sacrifices of God are a broken and contrite spirit. He will only give the kingdom of heaven to those who are poor and broken in spirit. He will share his kingdom with no other. The poor in spirit are promised joint partnership and are made joint heirs with Christ in the age to come. I pointed out that Blessed means “OH HOW HAPPY!” True happiness is found when nothing else works. I have heard it said that “You will never know that God is all need until he is all you have.” That verse brought that sobering reality. I realized my need to empty myself of all the “false comforts” that never really satisfy. He’s the only thing that satisfies. I am ready to embrace this lifestyle.

Then we worshipped some more and we started on Blessed are those who mourn. Now looking at the reality that Blessed means Oh how happy; this would no doubt raise a few eyebrows. How can I be happy when I mourn. But how can I be happy while I’m poor in spirit. I am made happy when I turn to the one that comforts me. How can I be poor in spirit unless I mourn over my spritual state? That’s not just then but all the time in our Christian walk. We should always be in a state of mourning for our Bridegroom, for breakthrough in our lives, as well as when we come to him in repentance. Godly sorrow works repentance says 2 Corinthians 7:10. This is the kind of sorrow that is our gateway to eternity. He comforts those who mourn and he shall comfort me. He comforted Paul when he begged Christ to remove the thorn. He mourned over the thorn in his flesh in 2 Corinthians 12, but recieved more than he needed when the savior replied, MY GRACE IS SUFFICIENT, FOR MY POWER IS PERFECTED IN YOUR WEAKNESSES. That’s the comfort Paul needed to overcome and endure through his thorn. That was no different than all the other afflictions he suffered. So that gave me the courage and much grace to endure. When Peter denied Jesus three times he was ready to give up. But Christ washed over his heart with his truth saying “Peter I KNOW you love me. But, do you know that you love me”. That was really encouraging to me to know that even though I screw up I can always come to God because I was in a worse state when I came to him the first time and he still took me. His love for me has never changed and he has longed to be my only source of comfort. Once again, my resolve to live this lifestyle was strengthened.

 I really look forward to more sets like this! I am sooo stoked!!!

This is Part 1, I hope you enjoyed!


~ by timbrownlee on September 30, 2007.

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