The Prodigal Comes Home

In Luke 15 the prodigal Son is there in the Pig Pen… and as I was meditating on this I started seeing this from the Son’s point of view… You see most of us view the prodigal son from the view of a sinner that comes to God… I was found viewing this from the point of view of the one who is backslidden… or fallen away… so here goes…

The Prodigal knows the father and is working for the father (albeit with little motivation). But, he leaves the father with the gifts that he has asked of him. I view that as his talents and his gifts the father has given him for the sake of the kingdom and his inheritance in the kingdom he has chosen to have on earth. He leaves the fathers will and goes far away from the father in a life of sin. He spends his money till it all goes away and he is left empty. He squanders his life and makes a mess of his life. In essence the prodigal (backslider) is left miserable. He is left to feed pigs (the mess of the messiest of animals and an abomination to the Jews).

It is here that he faces a crossroads and two choices that every one faces in this situation:

Option 1: Hang on to your pride and stay. Become offended at God for not coming after you. He could say he would rather rot than to face his father and hang on to the only thing he has left to call his… his pride. He gets offended at God and angry at God and blame God for not coming after him even though he knew at one point he would be like this.

Option 2: He lets go of his pride. Realizes that the mess he is in is of his own doing and leaves. Even then the view he has of the father is a very misconstrued one. But he knows this that even his father’s servants has plenty of bread and here he is with none. He purposes in his heart that he would rather be a servant in the house of his father because in his mind he has lost his status as a son in his father’s house. He views his father as a stern man but a good man. This is how we often view God, stern but good. But the Prodigal has come to grips that whatever punishment his father would dish out to him would be worlds better than what he is experiencing in the pig pen. So, as a result he leaves the pig pen and begins his journey home.

When he comes home the father he sees isn’t the stern man in his mind. Instead he sees him running to him with tears of joy in his eyes. Instead of the reality that he has forced himself to grip, a wonderful turn of events is put in motion for him. Instead of a servant’s garments, a robe fit for a king, instead of buckets for water, a ring is placed on his finger. Instead of a reprimand, a party. But he would have never experienced this without first swallowing his pride in the first place. Then, admitting his sin, remembering his father, and then taking the initiative to leave and seek him out. The father is his only hope. It’s either the father or the pig pen.

At that time the father is the stern, demanding, you’re gonna get it, see I told you so, mean cuss of a father. It isn’t until he sees the father running to him, embracing him in all of his filth, and proclaiming celebration that his wrong view of the father is changed. He did not know that the father had been waiting for him anxiously but patiently. He knew that his son would come back and the way he did but yet he let him go and when he returned and in the condition the father knew he would be in, But despite all of that, his rejoicing was in no ways hindered. There was no suprise, no astoundment in him. He knew WHAT his son would look like WHEN he came back and he KNEW WHAT HE WOULD DO WHEN HE DID!!!

What a God I serve!


~ by timbrownlee on September 17, 2007.

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